Youth Exchange Service, Inc.


Would you like to become and exchange student and attend school in the U.S.A.?
Or would you like to study abroad in a foreign country?
Then YES USA is the right place to start!


Since its inception YES has helped thousands of participants, bringing to the United States, and sending to other nations, teenage students to live with Youth Exchange Service approved families for periods of one school semester or one school year to enable such students to acquire knowledge of American and foreign life.
The philosophy of this organization is to immerse future leaders at the teenage level totally and individually in the culture of a foreign country through a family living experience in which they can share joys, disappointments, and affection. A family will gain new insights by seeing itself through the eyes of an exchange student and an exchange student can learn to love another's culture through the eyes of his host family. The Youth Exchange Services is making their intercultural experience possible among countries of the world.
Youth Exchange Service, as sponsor of the exchange students, assumes complete responsibility and maintains jurisdiction over all aspects concerning the students/host families/school exchange experience. The program administers the selection and matching of the students and host families, clearance to attend high school, travel arrangements, supervision, counseling, orientation and medical-accidental expenses within insurance conditions and limitations.

YES USA offers various exchange student programs, student foreign exchange services, and even some high school summer programs abroad!

      Is becoming a foreign exchange student right for you?

  • The student must have a genuine interest in the proposed experience and excellence of character. Applicants must demonstrate that they are sincerely interested in the goals of YES, in having a cultural experience and developing better understanding among people of the world.
  • Good Knowledge of the English Language if applying for the U.S.A. Call headquarters for language requirements of foreign countries.
  • Student pays for Administration Costs, Medical-Accidental Life Insurance and Air Transportation.
  • Age 15 to 17 ½ years old.Culture
  • Good student.
  • Good Health.

    We also offer an excellent program in Mexico studying Spanish and culture in the Maya Riviera and visiting the Archeological sites. For more information, Please CONTACT YES

  • Summer program